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About Me


Hello, my name is Kilian. I am 26 years old and I have been programming since about 10 years old.  I have always loved being able to alter games and create content.  The first game I started to mess with and alter code for was Age of Empires.  This led to making mods for games like Oblivion, Fallout, Skyrim, and many more.  At age 17, during high school, I suffered a setback; a nearly fatal experience that led me to need a heart transplant.  With what seemed to happen overnight, I suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, kidney failure, blastomycosis, and many other awful things.  However, I have since recovered, and am as healthy as I can be.  While in the hospital I was able to maintain my grades and still graduate high school on time and get into college (after I recovered).  After working hard, I ended up earning a degree in software engineering.  I worked with a few tech startups since then and managed a team that built some pretty cool databases that are still in use today.  I recently took on a more challenging job as an economic analyst where I still get to use my programming experience from time to time, but my true passion is creating games. After working on A Lanterns Glow in my free time over the past 4 years I am ready to finally pursue one of my biggest goals of making and releasing my own video games.

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