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 Goals for A Lanterns Glow:

  • Finish all the content that has been started – multiple crafting systems, spell books, nature management system, combat and NPC systems, survival difficulty balancing

  • Creative mode – access to all buildings, furniture, nature objects, items, monsters, NPCs and ability to place and edit maps while controlling enemy hostility

  • Added a creative mode, more updates to come with buildings and other game editing functions

  • Add in unique artwork for all items in the game - this will replace name text in the inventory system

    • Artwork added and 70% of systems updated.

  • A more complex buff/debuff, poison and disease system

  • Many unique locations you can discover in the wilderness

  • Villages, towns, cities –populated with NPCs, some with various factions that might be hostile or friendly based on how you play the game

  • Interpersonal interactions with NPC characters – become friends or enemies, start guilds, have a family 

  • An economy that you can affect based on over producing products, building up or destroying civilizations, or other environmental factors

  • Randomly generated dungeons with varying difficulty

  • Character development and voice acting

  • Complete main quest with multiple side quests and competing factions or guilds

  • Multiplayer??

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