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Key Bindings

Movement and Exploration

  • WASD – basic movement

  • Arrow Keys – push some furniture

  • Mouse Wheel – Zoom in/out

  • Mouse – Rotate Character

  • Left MB – Interact with objects (Almost everything can be interacted with)

  • Shift – Toggles Run On/Off while moving


  • E – Melee Attack

  • R – Ranged Attack

  • Spacebar – Cast Magic

  • C – sneak


  • F – Toggle the Lantern Off/On

  • Tab – Change Lantern Color (different colors have different effects and use different amount of fuel) orange is the default and will use the least amount of fuel



  • I – Inventory (backpack inventory, herb pouch, gem bag, seed sack, equipment, scroll case)

    • The scroll case is where you can build various furniture and buildings

  • P – Spellbook

  • J – Journal (character, quests, skills, attributes, notes)

    • The Character Tab will let you check up on your health and other stats

  • ESC – In game menu

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